Ian Smith's "Stars on Sunday"
On Sunday 8th March 1998 a unique reunion was held at the Buxton Opera House.

John Reed, Tom Round, Philip Potter, Jean Hindmarsh, Pauline Wales and Anne Sessions performed their favorite G&S, with support from the Opera House audience (mainly members of the International G&S Society) acting as chorus.

Click here for a larger image In the morning a "Coffee and Conversation" with the stars was held in the Old Clubhouse Hotel. From the left are John Reed, Jean Hindmarsh and Philip Potter.

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Click here for a larger image From the left, Pauline Wales, Tom Round and Anne Sessions.
Click here for larger imageStarting with a spirited "Six wandering minstrels we", the reunion/singalong/performance went from strength to strength.

(from the left: Anne Sessions, Thomas Round, Jean Hindmarsh, John Reed, Pauline Wales and Philip Potter)

Click here for larger imageBut all G&S must eventually draw to a close (with, of course, the Cachuca!)
Click here for a larger image Above the upstretched hands of the applauding audience are the smiles of the performers, making it clear that the audience were not the only ones having a great time - well done - (and please do it more often!!)
autograph.jpg - 9.2 KAnd of course Karen had a field day collecting autographs (this one from Philip Potter).

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